Effect of the financial crisis on house prices

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Global Financial Crisis

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Financial crisis of 2007–2008

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It was caused by the subprime mortgage crisis, which itself was caused by the use of derivatives.

House prices

This timeline includes the early warning signs, causes, and signs of breakdown. Subprime Mortgage Crisis – The expansion of mortgages to high-risk borrowers, coupled with rising house prices, contributed to a period of turmoil in financial markets that lasted from to Around 31% went to residential property, which pushed up house prices faster than wages.

Eurozone economy

A further 20% went into commercial real estate (office buildings and other business property) Around 32% went to the financial sector, and the same financial markets that eventually imploded during the financial crisis.

A housing bubble is a run-up in home prices fueled by demand, speculation and exuberance, and bursts when demand falls while supply increases.

AUSTRALIAN property prices could crash by up to 50 per cent in a looming global crisis tipped to be worse than the GFC and possibly even the Great Depression, according to a well known doomsayer. While it's always tempting to boil things down to one or two root causes, the reality is that financial crisis of was caused by a confluence of dozens of factors.

Financial crisis of 2007–2008 Effect of the financial crisis on house prices
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