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Abstract Watercolor Painting

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Since your abstract is a summary of your paper's contents, you should write it once the contents of your paper are finalized. To reflect the fact that it is a summary, your abstract should use present tense when referring to results and conclusions and past tense when referring to methods and measurements taken%(37).

How to write STL-like abstract iterators: it behaves like a scalar, still it can visit multiple types containers with possibly different visiting behavior.

General and Specific Terms. General terms and specific terms are not opposites, as abstract and concrete terms are; instead, they are the different ends of a range of terms. Combining static and abstract is somewhat meaningless, yes. The idea behind static is one need not present an instance of the class in order to use the member in question; however with abstract, one expects an instance to be of a derived class that provides a concrete implementation.

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Hot to write abstract
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