Moral value judgment

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Moral Judgment: Characteristics, Types, Examples

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Green, the answer you have when you have made the living judgment. Learn example of a moral value judgment with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of example of a moral value judgment flashcards on Quizlet.

How Do We Make Moral Judgments? – Insights From Psychological Science

Moral judgment is a judgment that has to do with the moral value or quality of an action. A value judgment evaluates the correctness or incorrectness of our actions.

Roughly speaking a value judgment is a claim about something's moral, practical, or aesthetic worth. Value judgments do not simply describe the world; they prescribe certain attitudes or behaviors toward the world. Subjective assessment that a behavior, object, person, principle, etc., is good or bad or something is ought to or not ought to judgments involve aesthetical, ethical, ideological, moral, theological and other interpretations and cannot be reduced to arguable statements of fact.

value judgment

Same with murder. People value life and understand the practical application of holding such a value. For example, IF society values the health happiness and well-being of children, then children should not be subjected to cruelty.

The decision not to be cruel to children is a moral judgement based on values and their practical outcomes. Back to J main page Back to Readings. Contents/Introduction Part 1. Values and Value Judgments Part 2. Ethical Requirements on Action Part 3.


Moral value judgment
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