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Market intervention graphical illustration of price ceiling, price floor, quota, unit tax and unit subsidy and their impact on price and quantity I Price intervention: price ceiling.

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M Khattab - Contempo; M&pg Projects; M. Diallo And E. Gladstone - Beechworth Painters; M.m. Rahman - MR Balustrading Pty Ltd; Mabel Carbonetti - Optimal homes. To establish a price ceiling, a clear understanding of a product's benefits for its customers is essential.

The value of some benefits, such as savings on raw materials, can be measured easily. But others, particularly process and relationship benefits such as on-line purchasing options or brand reputation, must be evaluated through market.

The ceiling price will be calculated at the smallest unit of measure to six decimal places and then multiplied by the drug’s package size and case package size.

Where the calculated ceiling price for a given drug is less than $, the proposed rule would require a.

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