Stolpestad by william lychack

Stolpestad by William Lychack

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Essay om “Stolpestad” af William Lychack

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Analyse og fortolkning af essay “Stolpestad”

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Stolpestad by William Lychack Lychack, published inis about a policeman who gets called out at the end of his shift, to help a 9 year old boy with his suffering dog. Stolpestad is the main character in the story and the protagonist. Sep 19,  · The story is about a law enforcement officer who responds to an unusual call toward the end of his shift.

He is called to the home of a boy whose dog appears to have been mortally wounded (the story does not go into specific detail as to how the dog is injured), and at the request of the boy's mother, the officer ends up putting the dog. Stolpestad by William Lychack () Have you ever felt that your life is just being repeated?

Nothing new happens, nothing that you aren’t used to. Your life continues as you know it, and it bores you. This is what this story Stolpestad (marker) by William Lychack, fromis about. The story. Stolpestad’s life is just passing by, and he is letting it.

William Lychack takes us through the inner monologue of Stolpestad’s mind in the short story of the same name, written indescribing Stolpestad’s battle of facing up to the truth of his life, sadly failing, losing his battle to Goliath symbolized in having to put down a dog.

Stolpestad by William Lychack Analysis

"Stolpestad" is a short story written by William Lychack, and it deals with the concept of stagnation. The story is named after the main character, a policeman named Stolpestad. Stolpestad is called in to finish off an injured dog for a little boy and his mother. William Lychack’s short story, “Stolpestad”, is about this exact feeling and is named after the main character, a policeman, who is called in to put down an injured dog for a boy and his mother.

In the evening, the father to the boy shows up at Stolpestad’s doorstep to tell him that the dog survived his attempt at killing it, and that.

Stolpestad by william lychack
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Essay om "Stolpestad" af William Lychack