Writing a service learning reflection paper

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UT Austin Canvas Learning Management System

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Education with Integrity

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This area includes Writing Lab hours, services, and contact information. flickr user Kahunna According to a new working paper from Harvard Business School, setting aside 15 minutes to write at the end of the workday is enough to make you better at your job. "When. Reflection is one of the most academically rigorous components of a service-learning course.

Students who take the time to reflect on service-learning experiences will get more from those experiences.

Reflective practice

This is why reflections are a required part of service-learning classes at the University of Minnesota. Access Canvas, get training, find support, look-up grades, and download apps.

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Students and faculty use canvas to complete and administer course materials. Service Learning Reflection. Service Learning Reflection Paper I chose to go to my home town to work with Kid's Klub for my service learning project.

Kid's Klub is a ministry of Wesley United Methodist Church offering quality before and after school care and summer camp programs for children ages five to fourteen. McREL is committed to making a difference in the quality of education and learning for all through excellence in applied research, product development, and service.

Writing a service learning reflection paper
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